Rust de Winter

Rust de Winter

Rust de Winter is the official camp site of the 4X4ATV Club


Situated around 100km north of Pretoria, the members have an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy time, off-road style, in nature. The 26,97ha camp site is situated on the banks of the Elands River and it is believed that, on our very own camp site, you will find the biggest “Apiesdoring” trees in the southern hemisphere. Some of these trees are over 300 years old.

This site caters for an average of 160 permanent stands and about 200 casual sites available for day visitors. A touch of luxury is provided by 7 ablution facilities and 12 water tanks fed through a bore hole or pumped from the river system depending on the time of year and water level in the river. (Please note however that this water is not fit for drinking – you are urged to bring along fresh drinking water when visiting the camp). Regular functions are hosted under the 4 lapa’s on the site.

Across the road from the camp site we have access to what is known as the Gymkhana. Here our members have the opportunity to test their own as well as their vehicle’s capabilities in a true off-road environment. These obstacles have been set up and are maintained by officials specifically for the purpose of enjoyment without damaging existing fauna and flora. There is also a “BosRoete” as its known which was designed for 4×4 and soft roaders. The farms around Rust de Winter are privately owned and driving around on these dirt roads are strictly controlled and guided by the committee. We do however cater for this requirement through our Rust de Winter Bundu Trail where participants are taken into a mountainous area where guided access has been approved by the land owners.

The Rust de Winter camp site provides a cheaper option during holiday periods. Many of our events are based at the camp site and normally additional events are held during holiday periods, ensuring that our members never get tired or bored when visiting Rust de Winter. Even the children are quite happy to spend the day at the swimming pool and super tube, providing parents with some deserved time off. They are free to explore nature within the camp fences. The emphasis on family participation is real and on big events such as the annual Toyota Rust de Winter Jamboree, the committee provides special entertainment for the children.


Members pay R80.00 per person per day.

Visitors pay R150.00 per person per day.

For Bookings Please contact:
Sindy at the Club Office,
tel: 012 379 1715


R7000.00 per year with no additional camping fees.

To become eligible for a stand at Rust de Winter you have to be an active member of the 4X4ATV Club.  Your continued involvement in our Clubs activities is required – you have to attend at least 6 monthly meetings and visit your camp site on a regular basis, not only for the shear enjoyment of nature but also to ensure your site is well kept. Making yourself available to help in the camp where required, also helps a lot towards motivating for your stand. Should you meet this requirement, please contact our offices. There are limited stands available. Rust de Winter fees are payable before the end of May each year.

For more information please contact:
Sindy at the Club Office,
Tel: 012 379 1715